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Nottingham-based ceramicist, Katrin Moye, is Lakeside's Artist-in-Residence until June 2018. During her 12-month residency she is creating new ceramic designs as well as working alongside the Gallery's Learning Team.

Katrin specialises in making tableware using the traditional technique of slip painting on earthenware.  Her pattern designs are based on memories of her childhood in the 1970’s, and she is particularly inspired by everyday items she remember from the time such as wallpaper, picture books and cushions.  Katrin has developed her patterns on the simplified natural motifs found in design from this period as well as in the 1950s and 1960s.  Currently, she is developing a new body of work inspired by gardens, leaves and trees, which will include 2D work on paper such as lino print, collage and drawing, as well as new work in ceramics. 

If you would like to accompany a small group of adults or children on a visit to Katrin's studio to meet the artist and see her work in progress, or take part in practical workshop activities, please contact Ruth Lewis-Jones on 0115 823 2218 or email

Katrin will also be running several public workshops throughout her time at Lakeside - keep an eye out on our programme for details.

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